The Strategic Energy Management Experience

Empower your team and optimise your energy usage.

Unlike water and solid waste with their leaking taps and piles of rubbish, energy efficiency can be hard to quantify and wastage difficult to visualise.

Research from ClimateWorks Australia indicates that companies with strong energy productivity practices demonstrate considerably higher overall profitability than those that don’t. Further, companies that adopt best practices could increase their profits between 11-69 per cent over five years! This clearly demonstrates why energy management deserves specific, targeted attention.

As part of our commitment to creating lasting, positive environmental impact, we provide organisations with the opportunity to take part in our Untapped Power learning experience – a series of energy management training workshops designed to up-skill managers and engineers so they can become an integral part of their organisation’s energy future.

Untapped Power™ Training Workshops

What to expect

  • increased awareness of how to effectively manage energy
  • identified opportunities to save thousands of dollars and reduce energy wastage
  • an understanding of ISO 50001 - the international standard for energy management systems
  • robust, personalised strategies to drive continuous improvement for your organisation.
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1 Hour

Our Essentials training is a one-hour session covering the best-practice energy management principles from ISO 50001, including relevant case studies.

This is a must for people who think they could improve the way they manage their energy, but aren’t really sure how to go about it.


Half Day

Our Masterclass explores the four key phases of strategic energy management and their role in reducing costs, lowering emissions and creating reliable, efficient systems.

This workshop is designed for engineers, managers and those responsible for businesses’ assets and energy costs.

Organisations participating in the Masterclass will also get an energy bill check for one of their sites, an energy management gap analysis and a face-to-face coaching session to support them on their energy management journey.

Deep Dive Series

2 Days

You can expect to leave the Deep Dive series with a firm understanding of how your organisation scores against energy management best practice, clear priorities for improvement and the foundations of a strategic energy management plan. This series equips you with the tools and templates you’ll need to effectively address those improvement areas and provides a direct line to our thought leaders if you need further support.

Organisations participating in these workshops will also get an energy bill check for one of their sites, an energy management gap analysis and in-depth face-to-face coaching sessions to support their energy management journey.

Our two-day intensive Deep Dive series covers all aspects of strategic energy management, including:

  • drafting an energy policy;
  • building an energy-aware culture;
  • ways to make the most of energy audits;
  • understanding the energy market and procurement;
  • interpreting energy analytics;
  • selling energy benefits through business case development;
  • de-risking energy investments with robust project management skills;
  • navigating change management through business systems integration;
  • embedding measurement and verification techniques; and
  • communicating and celebrating energy improvements.

About the facilitator

Quentin Roberts has been in engineering for over 20 years and has specialised in energy for the last 10 years. In 2009, Quentin founded EfficientSee and has since provided energy management advice to some of South Australia’s largest energy users, including SA Water and Orora. He is one of the country’s leading specialists in ISO 50001 and played an integral role in supporting the first Australian company to reach this standard by developing and implementing an ISO 50001-certified Energy Management System. He is a certified energy coach and qualified electrical engineer with vast experience across the industrial and commercial sectors.

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