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Collaboratively solving energy problems for all Australians.

We recognise we can’t change the world of energy on our own. To make a meaningful impact on Australia’s transition to lower cost, lower emissions and more reliable energy, we need to work together.

Our industry partnerships across the renewable energy and cleantech sectors are critical to developing and launching future energy breakthroughs, which will innovate and bring positive change to Australia’s energy future.

Through the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium (established by EfficientSee’s Quentin Roberts), we are proud to collaborate with Australia’s leading energy service and solutions providers:

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The Tonsley Future Energy Consortium (TFEC) brings together some of Australia’s leading energy companies, committed to addressing local, national and international energy challenges. As a group, our collective knowledge means we have the ability to tackle a significant range of energy projects and this ‘brains trust’ provides a single point of contact for almost any energy related issue - from procurement through to project implementation.

EfficientSee® is part of several collaboration groups that are essential in seeing a much broader impact.

Tonsley Future Energy Consortium

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Independent Energy Services Alliance

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Green Hydrogen Developments Australia

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Operation Tonsley

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