Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management is all about increasing efficiency and productivity to enable enduring competitiveness.

Supporting Australia’s clean energy transition

Australia is in the middle of an energy transition: one that is much-needed but not without growing pains.

Organisations face the challenge of navigating the shifting energy landscape: from evolving customer expectations around environmental responsibility to cost volatility; the reliability of sustainable energy sources; staying abreast of policy and standards and the puzzle of selecting the best energy options.

We help businesses navigate the shifting landscape of renewables and support them to use energy more efficiently.

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Taking a strategic approach to energy management

When it comes to energy efficiency there is no shortage of opportunities: compressed air management, LED lighting, motor upgrades, pumping efficiency, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) controls, refrigeration optimisation, burner efficiency, heat recovery, insulation, automation, co-generation and demand management to name a few. But how do you decide what is right for the business?

This is where strategic energy management comes in. A strategic approach to energy management considers all projects in context and prioritises and schedules them for optimal ROI. Taking a strategic approach can be a game-changer, whereas to embark upon efficiency projects without a clear strategy can impede progress and stifle further investment.

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Creating a solid business case for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency projects almost always generate benefits beyond just energy savings. An upgrade of equipment not only cuts energy bills but also delivers greater reliability, reduced maintenance and often better output. Taking a strategic approach ensures that these benefits are captured in the business case and form part of the project’s impact analysis.

Get more out of your energy

We empower large organisations to get more out of their energy through four distinct stages: Assess, Analyse, Activate and Achieve.


Energy management strategies. Energy Audits. ISO 50001 Ready Programs.


Energy consumption forecasting. Business Case Development. Data Science & Energy Modelling.


Project Management. Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects. Large-Scale Energy Projects. Energy & Condition Monitoring Systems.


Performance Verification. Carbon & Energy Reporting. ISO 50001 Certification.

The Australian ISO 50001 leaders

As the Australian forerunners in ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management systems, we are proud to be recognised as leaders in energy efficiency and smart energy solutions. In fact, in 2013, with our support, our client Allwater became the first Australian company ever to achieve ISO 50001 certification.

Energy consumption forecasting - for smarter decision making

Part of our work at EfficientSee is to help clients forecast their energy consumption patterns, allowing them to make better procurement and energy investment choices and helping them weather market and environmental changes.

We start by giving you an accurate baseline of your energy consumption and identifying the key drivers that influence your usage patterns. Then we use predictive modelling to forecast energy consumption across a range of scenarios: allowing you to make strategic energy decisions with more confidence and less risk.

Building your team’s energy skills

As part of our mission to create lasting change for our clients, we aim to build organisations’ in-house energy management capability. This helps ensure the sustainability of the energy strategies and processes we put in place.

We provide a range of educational experiences including workshops, masterclasses and coaching (onsite and remote) to equip your team with practical, up-to-date energy management know-how, tools and resources.

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SEE-Tick® Certification

The first of its kind in Australia, our SEE-Tick® Certification provides Australian businesses with public recognition of their progress towards ISO 50001 certification. SEE-Tick® is recognised Australia-wide, and offers differing levels of certification, along with licensing rights for the SEE-Tick® mark.

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