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Our EfficientSee® Dashboard provides powerful insights into your energy management.

At a glance insights with expert advice

The EfficientSee® Dashboard is an intuitive, interactive dashboard which provides at-a-glance insights into your organisation’s energy performance. It highlights opportunities to save energy and cut emissions, supports the implementation of energy management projects and reports on their success.

Insights plus experience

This revolutionary service gives you actionable insights accompanied by support from experts who interpret and analyse the data for you: so you can turn insights into action. The dashboard’s clear and compelling visuals make it easy to see what’s really happening with your organisation’s energy and emissions, and our team of subject matter experts give you independent advice so you have the confidence to make sound energy and environmental decisions: allowing you to act on opportunities early, improve your energy efficiency, reduce emissions and save thousands of dollars.

Expert advice with a state-of-the-art dashboard

Other energy apps just give you the data and leave you to do the interpretation, causing many opportunities to be overlooked or left dormant. Subscribing to the EfficientSee® Dashboard also gives you access to regular strategic support from our expert team.

Here are some of the ways our clients use the dashboard alongside our team’s support:

  • Tracking down billing anomalies or investigating ways to reduce network tariffs
  • Independent third-party evaluation of energy technology
  • Business case development
  • Education and onboarding of opportunity sponsors
  • Third-party verification of completed projects
  • Advice on carbon mitigation strategies
  • Formulating action plans for emissions reduction.

Energy cost, consumption and emissions: all in one place

The EfficientSee® Dashboard has four distinct focus areas:

Dashboard Cost Impact


Manage consumption peaks and troughs, capitalise on market fluctuations

  • Annual Energy Procurement
  • Monthly Bill Verification
  • Annual Tariff Review.
Dashboard Energy Consumption


Spot opportunities to reduce consumption

  • Monthly Consumption Review
  • Monthly Performance Benchmarking
  • Energy Model Baseline.
Dashboard Emissions Summary


Minimise your carbon footprint

  • Monthly Emissions Tracking
  • Monthly Performance Benchmarking
  • Annual Carbon Footprint Report.
Dashboard Opportunities Summary


Give your energy projects momentum and accountability

  • Opportunities Management
  • Monthly Activity Reporting
  • Annual Savings Impact Report.

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