Our proven EfficientSee® method is a unique and wholistic engineering and consultation process.

Our experienced project managers and engineers use the four-stage EfficientSee methodology to create positive, lasting and measurable change for our clients.

Many organisations make piecemeal improvements to their energy management, but sustainable benefits are only possible when you take a strategic approach. We help large organisations manage their energy through four distinct stages:

Assess, Analyse, Activate and Achieve.


Stage One: Assess

Advise. Consult. Discover.

In the Assess stage we unearth the energy opportunities that exist for your organisation and identify the most fruitful next steps. We will explore your organisation’s current energy consumption, conduct energy audits, identify opportunities and recommend the most impactful initiatives to prioritise.

Energy & System Audits

We regularly perform energy audits according to AS/NZS 3598.1:2014, and Energy Management System audits according to ISO 50001:2018. We can tailor our assessments to meet your specific needs.

Energy Performance Assessment

It can be useful to see how you’re tracking against best practice in your sector locally and worldwide. Our proprietary assessment tool can help identify areas for improvement and support you to meet your energy performance goals.

Energy Procurement Support

The way you buy energy is an essential part of your energy strategy. We can provide guidance on energy procurement and tariff optimisation, in addition to identifying opportunities for demand response.

Energy Management Coaching

Getting the right advice early is imperative to long-term success. Our goal is to build your organisation’s capacity to manage energy well. We are committed to increasing your knowledge and coaching you on your journey to better energy and sustainability performance.


Stage Two: Analyse

Incubate. Engineer. Develop.

In the Analyse stage we take the most promising initiatives from Stage One and submit them to a rigorous pressure-test. We conduct data analysis to get a more defined savings prediction and develop the project design to the point where we can build a robust business case with realistic predictions and costings.

Billing & Tariff Optimisation

Working across a range of SME and corporate energy portfolios enables us to effectively benchmark rates and helps us to understand how your organisation is tracking in relation to others. We then apply our analysis tools to highlight consumption and demand optimisation opportunities that can generate significant returns for our customers.

Energy Consumption Forecasting

We help clients forecast their energy consumption patterns, allowing them to make better procurement and energy investment choices and helping them weather market and environmental changes. We start by giving you an accurate baseline of your energy consumption and identifying the key drivers that influence your usage patterns. We then use predictive modelling to forecast energy consumption across a range of scenarios, allowing you to make strategic energy decisions with more confidence and less risk.

Generation & Storage Feasibility

We provide current, expert advice to enable you to make better, more reliable energy investment decisions. Whether it’s solar, hydrogen, biogas, diesel generation or a hybrid approach, our robust analysis helps you to decide which is the best investment option for you.

Electrical Analysis

Our team of engineers and network of experts provide investigation and root-cause analysis for those difficult or complex electrical issues that arise from time to time.

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Stage Three: Activate

Facilitate. Manage. Deliver.

In the Activate stage we move to the second stage of project planning, with more detailed schedules, detailed budgets, timelines, OH&S and supplier contracts. Our experienced team employs our unique project management methodology to de-risk your energy projects and to expertly manage a network of suppliers and collaborators.

Energy & Productivity Projects

We help organisations understand their energy consumption, identify inefficiencies and activate opportunities to reduce their energy costs, emissions and carbon footprint.

Energy Connections

Planning an expansion or a new site can be daunting. We understand the end-to-end process and can help you design and build the right infrastructure for your current and future needs.

Microgrid Systems

We can help you navigate the complexities of an ever-changing, complex energy environment that’s rapidly moving towards decentralised energy provision.

Demand Management

Organisations that can reduce their energy demand when the network is struggling have access to additional value streams on the energy market. We connect you with solutions that increase the intelligence and flexibility of your energy assets and help you capture that value.

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Stage Four: Achieve

Measure. Verify. Demonstrate.

At EfficientSee we’re big on proof of impact. Which is why the Achieve stage is focused on quantifying the impact of your project, including emissions reductions and cost savings. This is where we check that the project not only met its objectives, but also delivered the savings projected in the business case.

Solar Performance Verification

Solar generation and storage systems are a significant investment for many organisations. We offer independent system performance reviews, so you can get the maximum return on your investment.

Carbon & Energy Reporting

Understanding your energy and carbon footprint helps you to measure performance and identify opportunities. We equip you with the information you need to accurately track progress and identify improvement areas.

Energy Savings Validation

A critical area often missed in energy project planning is checking that the forecasted savings have eventuated. This provides valuable insights which increase the impact of current and future projects.

ISO 50001 Certification

As Australia’s leader in ISO 50001 Certification, we can guide and support you to achieve your energy and sustainability goals: whether that’s full certification or alignment to the world’s best practice benchmark.

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