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Build your organisation’s sustainability and energy management capability

SEE-Tick® Certification builds an organisation’s sustainability and strategic energy management capability through coaching, tools and support.

The SEE-Tick® certification recognises and rewards progress through certification and can serve as a pathway to ISO 50001. SEE-Tick® supports the transition between where the organisation currently is and full ISO 50001 accreditation, and clearly outlines the steps needed to get there.

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Recognising your progress

Any Australian organisation interested in lowering their costs, reducing their emissions and supporting a more reliable energy system in Australia, is encouraged to seek SEE-Tick® Certification. It is a recognition of energy and environmental stewardship and integral to demonstrating a commitment to the environment and long-term energy sustainability. With silver, gold and platinum milestones, our SEE-Tick® Certification gives organisations recognisable progress and tangible results.

Find out where your energy gaps are and identify your priority areas to focus on.

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