Why Energy is Central to Decarbonisation

Net Zero

November 21, 2023 / Quentin Roberts

Net Zero does not happen without clean energy transformation. 

If you’re not convinced that energy is central to decarbonisation - think about where you are right now. Of course we can see the energy to turn on the lights and run the air conditioning, but what about the energy used for your shower this morning, the water in your coffee, your refrigerated milk, your transport to this event, the embodied energy in the produce we eat, the textiles we wear, the shipping of goods, the seats we are sitting on, the floor we stand on.

Energy touches every part of our physical daily lives. It all needs to transition to clean energy. When you think about it - it’s a monumental task. Too big for any individual or organisation. Collaboration is the essential enabler; you cannot be serious about decarbonising our economy if you are not committed to teaming with others in some way. This is why it's essential to bring together government, industry and academia here today to encourage, facilitate and experience the power of collaboration.

So my strong charge to all today, my fellow colleagues and friends, look for opportunities to work together, even more than you have before. Be proactive, remember our common objective our collective mission. Let’s have the tough conversations, with equal portions of passion and respect. We may have different views on how we achieve our goal, but make no mistake it simply must be together. Alone we will fail and failure is not an option as far as our future generations are concerned.


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